Pro-Log/GreenSpring Agree to Develop CompactPCI Boards for IndustryPack®

Pro-Log has entered into an agreement with GreenSpring Computers, Inc., to jointly develop CompactPCI carrier boards for the popular IndustryPack mezzanine standard for I/O cards. IndustryPack is a mezzanine standard developed by GreenSpring in 1988 for the I/O needs of VME users. Since that time, IndustryPack modules have become a very popular I/O option among industrial VME users, and while there are 40 other manufacturers of modules simular to IndustryPack, GreenSpring is the largest. IndustryPack modules are 3.9 in. X 1.8 inc. daughter cards, plugging into a carrier board that plus into the computer's primary bus. The modules were specificially designed with the Eurocard form factor in mind. Two modules plug into a 3U card and four modules can be mounted on a 6U card. CompactPCI boards are available in both form factor sizes. Joe Pavlat, Pro-Log VP/New Product Development, said IndustryPack carrier products for CompactPCI will quicken acceptance of the new bus. "This means that customers will have access to literally hundreds of I/O functions on CompactPCI," said Pavlat, "including analog and digital I/O,telecom, communications, networking, motion control, SCSI, Mil Std 1553 and more." Kim Rubin, GreenSpring Computers Executive Vice President, noted that "CompactPCI is positioned to take advantage of both the best of the desktop silicon revolution and the extensive requirements of the OEM/industrial computer market. By seamlessly merging what will soon be the world's most popular bus - PCI - with the world's most popular industrial form factor - 3U/6U Eurocard - CompactPCI will deliver highperformance, cost-effective, and rugged systems. GreenSpring Computer is currently shipping over 90 different IndustryPacks. This comprehensive range of I/O solutions, soon to be available on CompactPCI, means that complete system solutions for every market sector willbe available off-the-shelf by Q2 of 1996." The new IndustryPack/CompactPCI modules will be introduced at the Computer Telephony show on Match 12 and shipping will begin in earlysummer '96. The new modules will also be marketed by GreenSpring.