PPC8A; Cost-effective SBC from Radstone

Radstone Technology the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announces PPC8A, a landmark step on their PowerXpress Single Board Computer (SBC) roadmap. Based on the success and pedigree of Radstone’s PowerXpress family of SBCs, which are designed specifically for the more benign end of the Defense and Aerospace (D&A) market, PPC8A is the ideal choice for Sheltered D&A applications. It offers an unprecedented product package including high performance and cost-effectiveness, backed by Radstone’s Whole Program Life COTS™ philosophy. PPC8A is a full Technology Insertion package for existing PowerXpress users, offering the same feature set and pin-out as previous family members, but now with a series of extra I/O features and a wholly compatible, state-of-the-art processor upgrade. The board features Motorola’s reduced-core-voltage 7447, offering the lowest overall power consumption and best temperature profile. This part, already at 1GHz, promises a footprint compatible roadmap to higher frequencies in the near future, allowing the PPC8A platform to offer further speed boosts when new devices become available. Extra I/O features now stretch PPC8A’s impressive main capabilities to include 6 serial channels, 3 Ethernet ports (including one Gigabit capable port), 4 USB ports, plus on-board Graphics and 2 PMC sites. By eliminating expensive ruggedization features, Radstone’s PowerXpress family of SBCs offer a highly cost-effective solution, while still providing all the mission-critical services and other product characteristics required by D&A programs. These include Reliability, Deployed Test Software, Obsolescence Management, Configuration Control and Long Term Support. “With PPC8A, high-performance SBC does not mean high cost,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone’s Processor Group. “The new PPC8A is more than affordable; it comes as a complete COTS package – which offers guaranteed performance, long-term support, ease of insertion, and a solid roadmap. With features new to PowerXpress, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and on-board Graphics, PPC8A will protect your budget now and your investment into the future.” Initial Operating System (O/S) support is provided by a BSP and ESP for VxWorks, with LynxOS and INTEGRITY ports planned for the near future. PPC8A also features the most effective Deployed Test strategy in the industry. Highly adapted to modern COTS silicon and O/S characteristics, this is implemented via a high coverage Built-In-Test (BIT), plus the O/S co-operative Background Condition Screening (BCS) software.