Pedestal Mounted Stinger Systems (PMSS) - Zipkin/Atilgan)

The Pedestal Mounted Stinger Systems (PMSS) will meet and improve the short-range air defense capability of the Turkish Armed Forces, defending vital facilities as well as armored or mobile troops in the battlefield. To meet these different mission scenarios, the PMSS utilizes the same core sub-system on two different vehicle platforms known as ZIPKIN (based on a four wheel drive Land Rover Defender) and ATILGAN (based on an armored/tracked M113A2 personnel carrier). ZIPKIN and ATILGAN will use 4 or 8 ready-to-fire Stinger missiles for short-range air defense. These fully automated firing units, will provide coordinated operation with command and control systems, operate during day/night and in adverse weather conditions, improve reaction time and accuracy of the Stinger missile and provide higher firepower and mobility. Our contribution to the program is a fully integrated COTS system for use in the Fire Control System (FCS), including enclosure, PowerPC, and I/O modules. The system architecture enables coordinated operation with C3I systems and other air defense assets. The FCS has a flexible software and hardware infrastructure to accommodate future mission requirements that may evolve. In addition, this flexibility allows the integration of other SHORAD missiles besides Stinger, as well as the ability to adapt the system to different mission requirements using various platforms. Download Full Case Study in PDF format
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