PCI-VME Adapters Now Supported with IRIX AND HP-UX Software Drivers

<UL> <LI>Enables data transfers of 26 MB/s <LI>Uses standard UNIX commands <LI>Makes Hewlett Packard and Silicon Graphics workstations function like a VME Single Board Computer </UL>

SBS Bit 3 Operations today announced the availability of two additional software drivers for its PCI-VME Bus Adapters: Model 965 IRIX Support Software for the Silicon Graphics O2 and Model 934 HP-UX Support Software for Hewlett Packard, PCI based workstations. The software drivers join the already available Windows NT, Windows 95, AIX and Solaris Software Drivers from SBS Bit 3. A Digital UNIX driver is available directly from Digital Equipment Corporation. "The new IRIX and HP-UX software drivers coupled with SBS Bit 3's PCI-VME Adapters enable SGI and HP workstation users to use their workstations just like a VME single board computer," said Tom David, Product Marketing Manager of Adapters for SBS Bit 3 Operations. "The workstation becomes like a processor on the VMEbus and no other VME processor is needed. The workstations see the VMEbus like local memory and I/O." How it Works
The SBS Bit 3 PCI Support Software provides a device driver, plus all tools, including memory mapping, required to access and control remote bus devices for HP-UX applications using Model 934 software and SGI applications using Model 965 software. These Support Software programs function with SBS Bit 3ís Model 617 high performance PCI-VME Adapter and SBS Bit 3's Model 616 low cost PCI-VME Adapter. Price and Availability
The Model 965 IRIX Support Software and Model 934 HP-UX Support Software are listed at $600 each - with availability of May 1998 and July 1998 respectively. The currently available Model 617 PCI-VME Adapter and Model 616 PCI-VME Adapter are priced at $2850 and $1580 respectively. About SBS Bit 3 Operations
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