October 2011: Sustaining Critical Business Operations with Mission-Critical Technologies

At Your Service Newsletter : October 2011

Sustaining Critical Business Operations with Mission-Critical Technologies

Whether it is data for healthcare services, 24x7 banking, online auctions, order processing or manufacturing, ensuring availability of critical information systems is proven to help companies drive significantly increased profitability and revenue. With increasing focus on the value of information, the infrastructure to support it continues to expand—resulting in substantial investments in the networks and systems that collect, manage, deliver and store this data.

The growing trends of cloud computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) have enabled IT-centric businesses to thrive and develop business models that rely entirely on information flow. The systems that process the information are critical to these new business models, and when information systems go down, there are dramatic effects on the businesses that rely on them, including lost productivity, profitability and customer loyalty.

The rapidly increasing costs of downtime
According to Electric Power Research Institute, companies in some industries can lose as much as $6.5 million per hour of downtime, and a research report from Oracle states that for large companies, a gain of just one percentage point of availability is worth $7.4 million per year. Even at an average size company, one hour of downtime can cost $10,000, which translates to a loss of $3.7 million per year with a 5% system availability loss.

As costs for system disruptions continue to soar and information increases exponentially in volume and importance to businesses, companies in some industries—particularly those that are web-based, customer support-focused, or security-focused—simply cannot afford downtime. They increasingly share the same demand: to ensure the highest level of system reliability and availability at all times.

Ensuring continuous operations with GE’s proven technologies
GE Intelligent Platforms understands the criticality of uptime, and our tightly integrated mission-critical power solution delivers robust backup power control with seamless connectivity and automated real-time information management. It is proven to help businesses maximize their uptime and productivity with the latest technologies:
  • Powerful high availability control
    Ensuring uninterrupted control of your applications and processes with total transparency and seamless switchover control, GE’s robust PACSystems programmable automation controllers are built on a scalable, synchronized, hot-standby redundancy control platform.

    Our high availability control solutions enable connectivity to various I/O on a proven industrial network that provides real-time communications, deterministic data transfers, and automatic switchover for continuous operations.

    We offer true dual redundancy solutions as well as a revolutionary Quad redundancy solution, which leverages a patented algorithm that helps maintain maximum system availability for “near-zero” downtime.
  • Advanced visualization, analytics, and alarm response management
    GE’s powerful historian software solution is the foundation for increased value-added insight, providing built-in data collection capabilities and the ability to capture large volumes of real-time data from multiple sensors and systems at high speeds. Our Proficy HMI/SCADA software enables you to precisely monitor and control the performance of your power distribution system.

    With the data collected, our advanced analytics can then extract knowledge from the data, providing you with critical context to otherwise static historical and real-time data. It helps increase data integrity and enables better decision making, which drives corrective action for maximized performance and reliability.

    Unique from other solutions, we also offer next-generation alarm response management software to help reduce costs and risks by guiding operators with the exact responses needed to address critical alarms—increasing system availability and reducing liability exposure and costs.

Rely on GE's expertise to help you
GE Intelligent Platforms is at the forefront of mission-critical solutions with innovative, advanced technologies that deliver the highest level of system reliability and availability. With deep domain experience, expertise, and a proven track record of success, we are committed to ensuring maximized reliability, availability and operational efficiency to sustain your critical business operations.


Maximize your uptime with GE Intelligent Platforms’ high-performance technologies

•   Dual to Quad PACSystems High Availability  - redundant control solutions
Smart Redundancy and Predictive Intelligence
Complete scalable solution capabilities – control, OI, SCADA and analytics
•  Deterministic high speed communications
•  Redundant – dual to quad  synchronization links
•  Redundant Ethernet and I/O LANS 
•  Intelligent Remote I/O
•  High-speed Historian
•  Bumpless process switchover
•  No single point of failure

Full mirror image of process data 

•  Full redundant data synchronization
•  Sequence of event recording with 1 msec resolution
•  Local and remote visualization
•  Workflow tools and procedures for failover events, diagnostics, maintenance and routine operations
•  HMI/SCADA provides alarm prioritization, visualization & remote connectivity Insight

Learn how GE’s Mission-Critical Solutions can help you: