October 2008 - Sonar Capabilities Brochure

Mil/Aero Insider: October 2008

Sonar Capabilities Brochure

Dan VeenstraDan Veenstra, Product Manager, Mil/Aero Products Group

In June, Dan Veenstra (pictured), Product Manager, Mil/Aero Products Group at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, presented a poster session entitled “Technical Needs and Challenges in Harbor Surveillance”   at the UDT  (Undersea Defence Technology) Europe 2008 conference and exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland.

“High frequency sonar applications are not a new concept,” said Dan Veenstra, , who will be delivering the paper. “Navies of the world have been using high frequency sonar to seek out mines for the past 60 years. More recently, however, a growing imperative to counter terrorist threats to harbors and coastal areas has created the need for a new range of high frequency sonar products, designed to detect and track specific surface and underwater targets such as divers, swimmers and water vehicles. “

“As a consequence, COTS vendors of acquisition products have been forced to re-examine, and in some cases redesign, existing technical solutions to cope with the very demanding requirements of these applications,” he continued. “My paper looked at the newest approaches to acquiring and processing high frequency sonar signals and the benefits these have over older traditional approaches.”

Responding to a significant level of interest in GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ sonar capabilities, a new brochure is now available for download from our web site.  This 8-page sales tool is an extremely useful overview of our sonar capabilities, including our experience with very high profile sonar programs around the globe. The brochure illustrates GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ unquestioned leadership in this demanding application area. Our expertise ranges from “sensor to shooter,” and includes ADC conversion, processing, data recording, storage, networking, development software, systems integration, support, rugged systems and displays.