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Test and Measurement Developments, ExpressCard Overtakes PCMCIA, Freescale’s Processors, Sonar Brochure and AXIS Brochure.

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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 October 2008
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Test and Measurement Developments and Trends

Arun ShethMeet Arun Sheth

A key part of any product or system development plan is the testing, measurement, and analysis of critical components and overall product performance.  Those important functions require reliable, high performance test equipment and software at cost-effective prices. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ test and measurement products are the perfect fit.


Key products include innovative high-speed digital data recorders, along with high performance signal conditioning front ends, and data analysis software. By integrating these necessary testing elements, the resulting systems can be tailor-made to offer turn-key solutions for virtually any type of testing requirement. 

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Be Prepared for the Loss of PCMCIA and CARDBUS Slots
Be Prepared for the Loss of PCMCIA and CARDBUS Slots

Over the last few years we have seen changes in the computer peripheral interfaces that are available on desktops.  ISA and EISA slots are a thing of the past.  Now, laptops are seeing the same thing with the loss of the long time staple in interfaces - the PCMCIA port.  This port has been replaced by the ExpressCard™ slot and it is not backwards compatible with PCMCIA.

Freescale's 8640 and 8640D Processors are here
Freescale's 8640 and 8640D Processors are here

Since Freescale has announced the new 8640/8640D, processor board vendors have seen the opportunity to provide high end PowerPC processing associated with existing 8641/8641D based boards with the option of the 8640/8640D processor giving customers a real chance at power/heat reduction from their single board computer, digital signal processing and multiprocessing products.

Sonar Brochure
Dan Veenstra

In June, Dan Veenstra (pictured), Product Manager, Mil/Aero Products Group at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, presented a poster session entitled “Technical Needs and Challenges in Harbor Surveillance”   at the UDT  (Undersea Defence Technology) Europe 2008 conference and exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland.


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AXIS Multiprocessing System Configuration Software

Never has it been more true that system costs are dominated by software development and maintenance. To remain competitive, designs must be fielded quicker and must have longer lifetimes.

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