New Processor Upgrade for Radstone

Radstone Technology the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications, announce a significant processor upgrade to EP1A, a Comms. orientated Single Board Computer in their EmPower family of rugged ‘COTS’ products. EP1A now offers the latest PowerPC 8245 Integrated Host Processor from Motorola running at up to 350MHz, providing a technology insertion opportunity for current EmPower users and a significant new entry point to the EmPower roadmap for new users. EP1A offers a cost–effective PowerPC processing engine, now upgraded from the 8240 at 200MHz to the 8245 at 350MHz, supported by a powerful set of optional Comms. interfaces.  By taking advantage of the high level of integration of the 8245; which provides the Processor, PCI bridge and Memory Controller all in a single chip, there is still space for high speed Async/Sync serial channels and a  MIL-STD1553 interface, all on a standard 6U VME card. “Since its launch in 1999 EP1A has been offering defense and aerospace system designers an alternative to the standard SBC’s on the market. Its popularity stems from its low price and power consumption coupled with its useful range of add-on Comms. options,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone’s Processor Group. “Many systems don’t require a state-of-the-art high-end processing engine and the new 8245 processor is easily performant enough to cope with many real-world applications. It also offers significant cost saving to the end user.” In addition to its Comms. build options, EP1A also offers a wide choice of plug-on options through its CompactFLASH site and its two PMC sites. Radstone’s unrivalled range of PMC’s for the defense and aerospace market offer extensive add-on features including Gigabit Ethernet, Graphics, High Speed Serial, and MIL-STD-1553. Operating System (O/S) support includes Radstone’s standard offerings of a BSP/ESP for VxWorks and LynxOS, plus a port of INTEGRITY; an exciting addition to the company’s COTS O/S offerings provided by Green Hills Software Inc. The Serial Comms. options are supported by a range of software modules including Fast Async, HDLC, LAPB and X.25 support. EP1A-8245 is available to order now, prices starting at $3192.