New Partnership Agreement Secures Greenspring Computers' Position in the DSP Market

GreenSpring Computers, the leading manufacturer of ANSI/VITA-4 standardized IP modules, today announced a new partnership agreement with Burnsby, Canada-based Spectrum Signal Processing (NASDAQ NM: SPIF/TSE: SSY). The agreement calls for GreenSpring to develop IndustryPack I/O mezzanine modules and carrier boards incorporating the Spectrum DSPLink 3 high speed data link. GreenSpring and Spectrum will also collaborate on future IndustryPack products. The Spectrum/GreenSpring partnership is the first step in GreenSpring's plan to expand the company's offerings in the DSP application market,says Joe Zabkar, president of GreenSpring Computers. "The DSP market holds a tremendous amount of growth potential for GreenSpring Computers,"says Zabkar. "Teaming with the industry's leading supplier of DSP boards will help us to merge our respective technologies to create a new generation of Ips that are compatible with high-end DSP applications." IP Carriers and Modules With State of the Art DSP Technology The first phase of the agreement calls for the development of two IndustryPack carrier boards for VME and the ISA bus. Each board will includethe DSPLink 3 high speed data link from a standard Spectrum DSPLink 3 board. Subsequent products to be designed and manufactured are two IndustryPack modules specially suited for the requirements of audio and high-speed applications. A contract provision enables Spectrum to resell the products produced by the agreement, as well as GreenSpring's established product line, into their own sales channel. "This agreement will benefit both the DSP and IP industry," says Barry Jinks, CEO and president of Spectrum Signal Processing. "The GreenSpring product line offers a wide array of flexible I/O options to our established DSP technology. Also, integration of DSPLink 3 will provebeneficial for current IndustryPack customers who were previously inhibited by the lack of high-speed data transfer capabilities for both VME and ISA." GreenSpring Computers will offer the new IPs with DSPLink 3 Bus technology in the 3rd quarter of 1997. About GreenSpring Computers GreenSpring Computers manufactures over 100 IP modules (marketed under the IndustryPack® name) for applications including communications, motion control, temperature measurement, and graphics. Each slot in a CompactPCI, PCI, ISA or VME system accommodates four IndustryPack modules. When combined with an IndustryPack carrier board for CompactPCI, VME, ISA, PCI, VXI, or PC/104, the IndustryPacks provide the designer with the ability to create millions of custom off-the-shelf high-density I/O solutions. Founded in 1984, GreenSpring Computers is a subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. The company designs, manufactures and sells PCI boards,CompactPCI boards, VMEbus boards, ISA boards, embedded single-board computers, IndustryPacks and industrial computers for large corporations and OEMs. For further information, contact GreenSpring Computers, 181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; Ph- (415)327-1200; fax-(415) 327-3808; e-mail:; web: