Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection and GE Intelligent Platforms Announce Strategic Partnership at Interpack 2014

Companies to offer food and beverage suppliers optimized solutions for manufacturing

Greifensee, Switzerland, 8 May 2014 – Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection is now working with GE Intelligent Platforms, a General Electric company, to provide food and beverage manufacturers with innovative integrated food safety and connectivity solutions. This strategic partnership will offer food and beverage manufacturers optimised product safety solutions, enhancing efficiency and productivity, while ensuring compliance with food safety standards. The first fruit of the two companies’ new partnership was launched at interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany, 8-14 May – a new solution that connects GE Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy™ food safety software with Mettler-Toledo’s cutting-edge product inspection technology.

GE Intelligent Platforms’ Industrial Internet technology has been pre-configured to interface with Mettler-Toledo’s technologies, collecting food safety key performance indicators (KPIs) from product inspection systems throughout the production line, to be stored in one easy-access location. This enables manufacturers to view real-time data about the operational performance of their entire production process, giving them the tools to improve productivity while upholding product safety in line with guidelines such as International Featured Standards (IFS). Proficy™ food safety software is easy to integrate into existing manufacturing as well as product inspection systems, saving manufacturers time and cost.

In addition to real-time operational intelligence, the Proficy™ software combined with Mettler-Toledo’s product inspection solutions offer digitised reporting; eliminating the need for complex paper trails. Rich analytics and trending capabilities enable manufacturers to identify adverse trends in the performance of one part or all of their production line. It allows them to undertake corrective action prior to a problem occurring, helping to minimise maintenance downtime and costs. The system also offers exceptional levels of traceability so that manufacturers can demonstrate due diligence in the event of a product recall.

Jeff Bartoletti, Business Leader, Manufacturing Food Safety at GE Intelligent Platforms said: “By partnering in this way, we, at GE Intelligent Platforms, are able to combine software solutions’ expertise with those of our counterparts at Mettler-Toledo. It allows us to further support manufacturers by providing a complete holistic food safety solution which facilitates food safety processes.”

Antonio Di Maria, Head of Marketing - Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection added: “As the food market becomes more and more globalised, it will become more common for manufacturers to operate multiple production lines in different countries. This poses challenges for businesses looking to optimise productivity at a local level without compromising on compliance with food safety guidelines.”

“Integrating GE Intelligent Platforms’ technology combined with ours will provide our customers with a panoramic view of their global operation. It will not only allow them to monitor product quality to help protect their brand reputation, but it will also enable them to identify the areas where efficiency can be improved. Such comprehensive monitoring is vital to ensure food manufacturers continue to meet industry challenges, operating costs and ever changing food safety standards.”

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