Message 'Operating System Not Found' on Boot


This article will only cover a SBC that uses Phoenix BIOS, but the SBC fails to boot your OS from the hard drive with the message, "Operating system not found". AMI BIOS should be very similar to this also.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Verify that you see the boot device in BIOS. To do this repeat pressing either F2 or the Delete key during the initial boot power-up to enter the BIOS (refer to SBC manual on the correct key to press). Once you enter the BIOS you should see your boot device. This should be located somewhere on the Main tab. Normally "Type" set to "Auto" for the primary master and other devices on this page. In boot device, move to Boot tab and verify under "Hard Drive" selection that the boot device is first in the order and does not have an ! (explanation point) next to it. If you have any questions concerning this you can load setup defaults under the Exit tab, and this should set the the devices to boot in the correct order.
  2. If you still don't see the hard drive in the BIOS after these steps, you have narrowed down the problem to the hard drive, cable connection, or SBC hardware. Check the cable connection first and then replace the cable if possible (see KB article i025026). Secondly try another hard drive and verify it is jumpered to be the Master drive. Then try another SBC.


If you do see the hard drive in the BIOS, but the boot process fails with the message, "Operating system not found" check the OS on the drive to make sure it's not corrupted.