May 2011: Automation eBrief

GE Intelligent Platforms: Automation eBrief
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New CEO Jody Markopoulos

we are matching our solutions to your needs. I see GE Intelligent Platforms as a technology engine for you. Our expertise in automation and military and aerospace embedded computing provides you with solutions that address your issues – operational excellence, sustainable manufacturing, keeping up with technology so you can manage your present and your future needs, global presence and so much more. And, we are looking very closely at the value that we bring to you in these solutions so we can align our efforts with yours to help you drive cost out and achieve a better bottom line.

I hope to bring the experience I have gained at GE Energy to help you solve your organization’s challenges. I look forward to working with you and our teams to deepen our knowledge of your industries so we can offer you additional value in your solutions so you can grow your business as we grow ours.

I am excited about the future and what we can work on together. It’s a dynamic time that’s fast paced, ever changing and extremely energizing, and where high technology can make a difference. I am committed to working hard, as are all of our great employees around the world, to making sure we make the most of our relationship with you.


A little more than 30 days ago, I was named President and CEO of GE Intelligent Platforms. I am excited to be here and eager to meet you, our loyal customers, in the coming weeks and months. I wanted to spend a few minutes to tell you about myself and how I see our business helping you.

While I am new to GE Intelligent Platforms, I am not new to GE. I have spent the past 18 years at GE Energy, and my roots are in manufacturing and quality. I am an engineer by education and value that training as a basis of what I bring to this position. While at Energy, I led the global Sourcing organization and held a variety of leadership roles in the company’s Supply Chain and Quality organizations.

That’s just a little bit about me and my background. Now, more importantly, let me share with you a little bit about where I think we deliver value to you.

First, I am passionate about making sure that we are listening to you about your business challenges and that

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Proficy Grid Manager
New Smart Grid Software Solution Automates Electric Distribution Systems
Proficy Grid Manager is a targeted portfolio of proven grid optimization software technologies that delivers real-time information and analytics to help utilities improve operational reliability and efficiency, and manage a more intelligent, cost-effective grid. It encompasses operations, lifecycle, load, and knowledge management and leverages the latest technologies to help utilities reduce system outages, enhance equipment lifecycles, manage customer loads, and digitize standard operating procedures.
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GE Acquires Technology from CSense Systems
On April 11, GE Intelligent Platforms announced the purchase of analytic software products and engineering solutions from CSense Systems of Pretoria, South Africa. The acquisition expands the Proficy software platform analytic capabilities and allowing for increased asset performance through critical insight into plant operations and complements the remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions recently added with the acquisition of SmartSignal in January.
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Ensuring Food Safety
Ensuring Food Safety
In the face of foodborne illness outbreaks, companies are taking steps to bolster confidence in the food supply chain. Our latest white paper – Ensuring Food Safety – explores how commonly used factory IT systems can be adapted to deliver better support for risk-based food safety programs. Rather than expanding “separate” toolsets, food and beverage processors can extend the usage of existing investments – and with the depth of information available in factory systems, provide stronger brand protection with comprehensive proof of product quality and safety.
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The world counts on water resources to do more every day, but the reality is that utilities with aging infrastructure struggle to keep up. They need tools, they need information, and they need resources. GE Intelligent Platforms has launched a website that provides tools for today’s water utilities to look at solutions for today’s, and tomorrow’s, water issues.

The website,, features white papers, videos, and other tools to show water utilities how to achieve these results. The site will also house additional content such as data, e-surveys and results, and web-based tools such as There are also case studies that show how some companies have already taken steps to change the numbers.

GE has partnered with Westin Engineering and the University of Virginia on content for this important information resource. This effort goes hand in hand with solutions like Proficy for Water InfoCenter, released last month. This forward-thinking solution pack brings the power of the Proficy Software Platform to help water utilities face their many challenges to make better decisions saving time and money for better service to customers.

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