March 2009 - GE Fanuc Launches New Web Site, Proficy Workflow White Paper, Smart Grid and more!

In this Issue: GE Fanuc Launches New Web Site, Proficy Workflow White Paper, Smart Grid and more!
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Click here to read what MaryRose Sylvester has to say. Smart Grid Technology
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GE Fanuc Launches New Web Site
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On each of these pages you will find the latest industry news and resources like case studies and white papers. You will also find other media like downloadable demo software podcasts to listen to. Most downloads require a one-time registration, but having done that your computer will be given a cookie that will enable you to all downloads without being prompted again. We now host more product and industry information than ever and will have fresh news stories every week.

To better serve more regions around the globe we will be providing the site in several languages in the coming months. This will ensure that all of our customers are getting the latest information no matter where they are or what their preferred language. The languages we intend to support are English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Russian.

Our site, as you see it today is only a foundation for what we have planned. Over the coming months we hope you will visit us often as we update the content and capabilities of the site. In addition to the latest industry and product news, we will be adding new capabilities like rss newsfeeds, Industry blogs, streaming audio and video, and more technical content for download. Our goal is to make our web site and indispensable resource for automation customers and hope you will find value in visiting the new often.

No other technology has impacted the way businesses interact and work together like the Internet. Every company's website must evolve as new technologies become available and as the company itself evolves. To improve your experience and provide our customers with more information that is easier to access, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has recently launched our new web site. Many customers are already taking advantage of the new site. In its first month, more than 27,000 files were downloaded by 5,000 registered visitors to the site.

This new site allows visitors to quickly find and compare products, download documentation, and find out what's new from us. The site is a network of product and industry microsites providing insight into solutions and applications Each of these microsites are a homepage directed at a different user group. Some of the home pages that may interest you are:

Products Vertical Industries
- Automation - OEM Solutions
- Process Solutions - Consumer Packaged Goods
- HMI/SCADA - Food & Beverage
- Operations Management -
Water & Wastewater
    - Power & Energy
    - Oil & Gas
CIMPLICITY v8.0 is Now Available
CIMPLICITY 8.0 Now Available!
The latest release of Proficy* HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY* is a revolutionary software solution that goes beyond the superior advanced control and visualization you've come to expect from CIMPLICITY. Version 8.0 is more powerful, more flexible and more feature-rich than ever before. Maximizing the power of your information with the latest features, CIMPLICITY 8.0 delivers a new user experience and drives positive operational impact.
Operations Management
Increase Cost Savings Through Electronic Standard Work Instructions
Reduce your production costs by taking Electronic Work Instructions to the next level and applying Proficy Workflow to your lean initiative. Find and eliminate waste faster and easier. Increase quality through electronic Standard Work Instructions — and decrease time to implement leaner processes.
GE Fanuc Podcasts
Productivity Podcasting Series
Listen in your car, at your desk, or anytime you choose — our new podcast series allows you flexibility, just like our product solutions. Find more information on solutions, new ideas for improving productivity, and ways to improve your manufacturing with GE Fanuc's new automation podcasting series.
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Upcoming Events, Seminars here. spacer CALENDAR

Upcoming Events, Seminars, Workshops

Where in the world is GE Fanuc? Just take a look you might be surprised to find that we will be in your neck of the woods in the very near future. Come find out what we’re up to at these upcoming events.
Date Event Location
March & April 2009 Gray Matter: Hands-On Water/Wastewater Workshops Multiple Locations
March & April 2009 Automatech: Connect & Collect Workshops Multiple Locations
April 2009 Gray Matter: Proficy Efficiency & OEE Seminar Multiple Locations
May 12, 2009 Managing Production Information Seminar Hayward, CA
May 13, 2009 PAC Productivity Workshop Renton, WA
Aug. 11, 2009 PLC PACS Systems Workshop - Hands On Class Hayward, CA

Smart Grid Technology

Smart GridThere is a lot of discussion about Smart Grids lately, especially after the government announcements related to significant economic stimulus money for electrical grid improvements and renewable energy. Enabling a truly smart grid system requires advanced hardware and software technologies to raise the "IQ" of existing grids. A smart system will not only enable automatic demand adjustment and increase efficiency, but will ultimately save consumers money and accommodate future renewable energy sources.

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