Major Processor Upgrade for Radstone

Radstone Technology the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications announce a major upgrade to PPC7A. The most recent product in their PowerXtreme™ family of rugged ‘COTS’ VMEbus Single Board Computers, PPC7A now offers the very latest Gigahertz-plus 7457 PowerPC processor from Motorola, providing a further technology insertion opportunity for current PowerXtreme users and a high performance entry point to the PowerXtreme roadmap for new users. The 7457 processor is Motorola’s latest offering in their popular G4 family, providing unprecedented performance through a combination of Gigahertz-plus frequencies and architectural improvements including ½MB of on-chip L2 Cache. All this is achieved within a power profile designed to meet the needs of the embedded marketplace, typically consuming less than 10Watts at 1GHz. “Motorola’s 7457 processor is an impressive leap along the PowerPC roadmap, resoundingly breaking the Gigahertz barrier,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone’s Processor Group. “We are pleased to update our PPC7A to support the 7457processor as it offers a significant step on our own roadmap, without presenting any thermal design issues even in the most demanding defense and aerospace applications.” A combination of the 7457 processor and PPC7A’s extensive I/O feature set, offers system designers exciting opportunities to create new systems or to update existing ones. PPC7A maintains the same hardware and software interfaces as previous SBC’s in the PowerXtreme family but can also offer several new interfaces as optional extras. Extensions to the existing PowerXtreme serial and Ethernet capability (up to 6 and 2 ports respectively) compliment PPC7A’s brand-new functionality, which includes an SVGA graphics interface, two USB ports and 16bits of digital I/O.  The PowerPC 7457 processor at up to 1.3GHz, ensures a potent processing core capable of utilizing these I/O features to maximum advantage in real-world, real-time applications. Operating System (O/S) support includes Radstone’s standard offerings of a BSP/ESP for VxWorks and LynxOS, plus a port of INTEGRITY, an exciting addition to the company’s COTS O/S offerings, provided by technology partner, Green Hills Software Inc. PPC7A also features the most effective Deployed Test strategy in the industry. Highly adapted to modern COTS silicon and O/S characteristics, this is implemented via a high coverage Built-In-Test (BIT), plus the O/S co-operative Background Condition Screening (BCS) software. 7457 enabled PPC7A’s to be offered across a range of five ruggedization levels will be available in Q4 2003, following Motorola’s release of fully qualified, extended temperature-range parts. Prices will start at $6,250.