ICS Sensor Processing Broadens ADC Range With ICS-1745

CompactPCI form factor, 8-channel, high-speed solution Responding to customer demand, ICS Sensor Processing – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the 8-channel ICS-1745 high speed acoustic ADC board.  Designed for military sonar applications – including littoral and anti-mine – and vibration analysis, and characterized by its 3U CompactPCI small form factor, the ICS-1745 features eight channels of high frequency acoustic analog input and onboard signal conditioning with programmable gain.  ICS already offers the industry’s broadest range of data acquisition products in the 6U VME and PCI form factors.  “One of our key goals is to be responsive to customer needs, and the launch of the ICS-1745 addresses our customers’ growing requirement for solutions that are constrained by space, weight and power,” said Scott Hames, Director of Product Management at ICS Sensor Processing.  “By migrating our market-leading high speed acoustic technology to the 3U cPCI form factor, we’ve achieved substantial reductions in size and weight, but maintained the high performance customers expect from ICS.”   The ICS-1745’s eight channels use the Analog Devices AD9260 16-bit high speed oversampled A/D converter with buffer memory, delivering 2.5 million samples per second (MSPS). Onboard signal conditioning further contributes to enabling the ICS-1745 to be at the heart of a compact solution, obviating the requirement for external signal conditioning logic.  With a maximum bandwidth of 1.25 MHz and onboard signal conditioning, the ICS-1745 supports four input voltage ranges (20 Vpp, 2 Vpp, 0.2 Vpp and 0.02 Vpp differential) and 8 MBytes of memory in two banks.  All channels sample synchronously, with very close phase match between channels. Through software, the user can specify one of four input voltage ranges. The anti-alias cut-off filter frequency is fixed at 1.25 MHz for the standard product:  other frequencies can be supplied on request.  Differential analog input is provided via the front panel, while a second connector on the front panel provides for multiple board synchronization for systems requiring high channel counts.  Software drivers are available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Availability of the ICS-1745 is immediate.