ICS Broadens Range Of ADC Solutions

Rugged ICS-8552 delivers ultimate performance Continuing to broaden the range of the company’s ADC (analog to digital conversion) solutions, ICS – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the ICS-8552 ADC PMC module, complementing the recently announced ICS-8554.  Small and light weight, both products leverage Radstone’s unrivaled experience and expertise in developing rugged products capable of operating in the harshest environments.  Designed for software defined radio, military communications, signal intelligence and intercept in the field, radar and test and measurement applications where the ultimate performance is a pre-requisite, the ICS-8552 has at its heart the Texas Instruments ADS5424 high performance bipolar ADC which is capable of sustaining its 105 MHz sample rate at temperatures as high as +85ºC.  “Our goal is to provide an appropriate solution for the broadest possible range of our customers’ analog to digital requirements,” said Scott Hames, Director of Product Management at ICS.  “We are now able to provide a range of price/performance options, as well as options for benign and harsh environments.  For customers in the military and aerospace world, the opportunity to choose different but compatible products for development and for subsequent deployment in a range of applications is highly desirable, and the announcement of the ICS-8552 broadens their choice still further.” Availability of a three million gate FPGA provides significant user programmability as well as enabling processing to occur closer to the antenna, resulting in higher system throughput.  Key to the performance of the ICS-8552, however, is its high stability, high precision temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) which ensures that the frequency of the clock does not drift with changes in temperature:  where an uncompensated clock is typically accurate to 20 parts per million (ppm), and higher quality clocks to 10ppm, the ICS-8552 TCXO is accurate to just 1ppm. This level of performance makes the ICS-8552 suitable for long acquisitions and FFTs (Fourier Fast Transforms), while its low noise (70 dB signal to noise ratio (SNR), 80 dB spur free dynamic range (SFDR)) ensures maximum signal purity and integrity. Availability of the ICS-8552 is immediate.