ICS Announces ICS SignIFy IF Signal Analysis System

Continuing to demonstrate its responsiveness to customer requirements and its leadership in the field of data acquisition and processing, ICS (Interactive Circuits and Systems) Ltd. – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the ICS SignIFy portable, high performance, low cost IF (intermediate frequency) signal analysis system.  The ICS SignIFy provides long duration record and signal analysis capability and supports user code development in a package which, while based on a PC platform – giving it inherent flexibility and upgradeability – preserves the look and feel of a conventional piece of test and measurement equipment.  Designed for applications such as Software-Defined Radio (SDR), SIGINT and ELINT, the ICS SignIFy is capable of being deployed remotely from its mouse, keyboard and monitor.  “Our customers have been asking for a low cost, compact, flexible IF signal analysis system – and the ICS SignIFy is our response,” said Ken Armitage, Vice President, Product Development at ICS.  “It broadens still further our market-leading range of solutions in data acquisition and processing:  products such as the daqPC data acquisition system and the ICS-554 ADC PMC module have already gained widespread customer acceptance, and the spectrum monitoring, recording and analysis capabilities of the ICS SignIFy will, we think, bring it similar success.” The ICS SignIFy is housed in a robust, shoebox-size enclosure and weighs around eleven pounds. It delivers up to 50 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, a single (SMA coaxial connector) analog input channel and a 102.4 MHz/channel sampling rate.  Supplied with an easy-to-use GUI, allowing the operator to gain valuable insight into the spectrum being monitored, the ICS SignIFy provides time domain, frequency domain and waterfall displays to enable a complete understanding of the spectrum under review.  A single-click recording option is provided to enable fast response from the operator. Availability of the ICS SignIFy is immediate.