ICS Announces ICS-645C Differential Data Acquisition Card

Enables ICS to address new class of sonar, test and measurement  applications Demonstrating once again the company’s expertise and leadership in the field of data acquisition, ICS (Interactive Circuits & Systems Ltd.) today announced the ICS-645C.  A development of the innovative and market-leading ICS-645 ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) Board, the ICS-645C is a differential input, high speed, high precision PCI Bus data acquisition card designed for high frequency sonar and high speed test and measurement applications.  Key features of the ICS-645C are its onboard front end signal conditioning capability, allowing a simpler, more cost-effective, more compact and more portable solution to be implemented; high impedance differential inputs, delivering broad application flexibility; and inclusion of the FPDP II (Front Panel Data Port), providing high speed output that maximizes performance.  It is ideally suited for high frequency sonar applications such as mine hunting;  transient applications such as weapon and explosive testing; and for dynamic applications such as rocket and jet engine testing which require a large number of high bandwidth channels. “The ICS-645C provides a solution that is unique in the marketplace,” said Paul Capes, Director of Engineering at ICS Ltd.  “Its differential input provides better performance and greater flexibility to match a variety of sensor inputs than was previously possible.  This, together with the signal conditioning capability of the board, means that the ICS-645C provides superior performance in a number of demanding data acquisition applications.  Early field trials with a major defense contractor have already demonstrated that it performs exceptionally well, and we expect to see it widely deployed.” The ICS-645C provides up to 32 channels and sample rates of up to 2.5 MHz/channel and includes a PCI interface with DMA capability, and a 400 MBytes/second FPDP II interface for rapid transfer of ADC data. The on-board data storage capability includes a 2 MSample ‘swing buffer’. Data collection may be done either in continuous mode or in capture mode. In the latter mode, a given (programmable) number of samples are acquired upon each application of the trigger. The ICS-645C board can also be operated in a circular data-buffering mode in order to collect data both before and after the trigger.  It comes with full software support for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.  More information can be found at:   http://www.ics-ltd.com/info/productInfo.cfm?ID=83&prod=1&info=Analog%20Input%20Boards