ICS-8554 ADC PMC Module Is Rugged, Flexible Solution to High Performance SDR Challenges

“No compromise” solution ICS – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the ICS-8554 ADC PMC module, as a response to the growing customer demand for ADC (analog to digital conversion) solutions that not only offer high performance and extreme flexibility, but are rugged enough to be capable of deployment in the harshest environments, and available as COTS product.  Designed for intermediate frequency (IF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications such as multiple element receive beamforming, coherent radar or secure communications, the ICS-8554 combines leading edge DSP (digital signal processing) and ADC technologies to bring a small form factor, light weight – capable of vehicle or man pack mounting – solution that delivers outstanding price/performance.  “We’re seeing the rapid emergence of a trend towards moving processing of data closer to the antenna, rather than moving the data to the processor – and the ICS-8554 is an excellent example of this,” said Scott Hames, Director of Product Management at ICS.  “But what sets the ICS-8554 apart from its competitors and makes it a truly ‘no compromise’ solution is that it is available as a truly rugged, conduction-cooled product that leverages the expertise and experience of a world leader in ruggedization.” At the heart of the ICS-8554 is the Analog Devices AD6645 high performance bipolar ADC which is capable of sustaining its 80 MHz sample rate at temperatures as low as -40ºC and as high as +85ºC.  An onboard 3M gate Xilinx Virtex II FPGA (XC2V3000) provides significant user programmability as well as enabling processing to occur closer to the antenna, resulting in higher system throughput.  The 8554 features a low noise (70 dB signal to noise ratio (SNR), 80 dB spur free dynamic range (SFDR)), thus ensuring  maximum signal purity and integrity. Availability of the ICS-8554 is immediate.