ICS-8500 Is First PMC To Deliver FPDP II Performance For Rugged Applications

400 MBytes/second enables high bandwidth data transfer Billerica, MA: August 29th 2006:   Providing further evidence of the company’s ability to deliver solutions that precisely respond to customer requirements, ICS Sensor Processing – part of Radstone Embedded Computing - today announced the ICS-8500, the first PMC to become available that delivers the leading edge performance of FPDP II – with its transfer rate of 400 MBytes/second, compared with 160 MBytes/second for FPDP - in a rugged environment.  The ICS-8500, which can be configured as either a transmitter or a receiver, also features 8 MBytes of swing buffer memory, setting it apart from products that provide only limited FIFO capability. “For very high performance applications where the requirement is for multi-channel, high rate sensor data transfer across a single backplane, the ICS-8500 with FPDP II provides an ideal solution,” said Jonathan Jones, Vice President of Product Development at ICS Sensor Processing.  “FPDP technology allows the potential bottleneck of the VME or PCI backplane to be bypassed, ensuring that data transfer rates are maximized while minimizing impact on other system functions.  The ICS-8500 now provides this capability for deployment in harsh environments.” Available in convection- and conduction-cooled versions, the ICS-8500 offers similar functionality to the popular ICS-500-R and ICS-500-T PMC products, but is configurable under software control as either a receiver or transmitter.  The 400 MBytes/second FPDP II interface is provided via the P4 connector:  when the ICS-8500 is communicating with a non-FPDP II device, it automatically reverts to ANSI/VITA 17 FPDP operation at 160 MBytes/second.  An 8 MByte swing buffer is provided, as is a PCI 2.2 (64/66) PCI interface. In transmit mode, the board provides an FPDP/TM interface. In addition to a continuous data transmit capability, a Loop mode of operation is available, in which a fixed length of data equal to the programmed buffer length is written to both banks of the swing buffer. When triggered, this data is repetitively generated and transmitted by the FPDP output interface. In receive mode, the board provides both Receive (FPDP/R) and Receive Master (FPDP/RM) capabilities. A key feature of the product is its ability to perform the corner turning function: this software enabled feature reorders multi-channel data from channel ordering by time to time ordering by channel. ICS Sensor Processing invented the FPDP (Front Panel Data Port) interface in 1994 as a method of cost-effectively providing high-speed connectivity between two boards, providing deterministic, sustained bandwidth communications that are not impeded by contention for bus resources.  FPDP is now an ANSI/VITA standard (ANSI/VITA 17-1998) and is widely accepted throughout the industry as the optimum method of achieving high-speed data transfer between sensors and DSPs. Device drivers for VxWorks, Linux and Windows are available.  Availability of the ICS-8500 is immediate.