ICS-8145 Delivers Unique Rugged Data Acquisition Capability

Eliminates need for auxiliary signal conditioning equipment Building on the company’s extensive experience in data acquisition and signal processing in military sonar systems, ICS – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the unique ICS-8145 16-channel data acquisition card.  The ICS-8145 is the only data acquisition card currently available that combines rear I/O with onboard signal conditioning circuitry in a rugged, single slot package.   Designed for harsh environment, confined space high frequency sonar, wet end of towed arrays, torpedoes, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) applications, the ICS-8145 is a complete, self-contained solution that eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment that characterizes other offerings.  “Increasingly, our customers are asking for rugged products – and this announcement once again demonstrates our commitment to responding to our customers’ needs,” said Scott Hames, Director of Product Management at ICS.  “The 8145 is a unique, no-compromise solution for applications that exist in environments that are subject to shock and vibration, and that require advanced cooling techniques, and further extends our industry-leading range of data acquisition capabilities.” The ICS-8145 is designed around the rugged 6U VME form factor and features 2.5 MS/sec oversampling ADC, gain, anti-alias filtering and clock generation resources on the card, eliminating the usual need for auxiliary signal conditioning equipment. Because the card is expected to be deployed in space-constrained areas, all I/O is routed through the backplane. The differential analog inputs are routed though VME P0, while configuration and control is carried out via the VME 64 interface. An FPDP II interface (on the VME P2 connector) allows data from multi card systems to be easily organized and collected.  The inclusion of up to eight MBytes of onboard storage means that fast transient captures can be read back over the VME without data loss. Availability of the ICS-8145 is immediate. For product information please see: http://www.ics-ltd.com/info/productInfo.cfm?prodID=99&pCatID=1