ICS-7003 Brings High Performance Data Acquisition and DSP To Servers, Workstations

Features x8 PCI Express, dual FPDP Continuing to broaden the range of leading edge solutions the company offers for data acquisition applications, ICS – part of Radstone Embedded Computing – today announced the ICS-7003 PCI Express Dual PMC carrier card.  Designed to deliver high performance via eight lanes of PCI Express I/O and dual FPDP connectors, the ICS-7003 is the only long format (i.e. dual PMC) PCI Express carrier card yet announced to support this level of functionality.  Each of the PMC sites is PCI-X (64-bit, 133 Mhz) compliant, and the board includes a PCI Express to dual PCI-X bridge, making it more than capable of fully exploiting the maximum theoretical transfer capability of the two PCI-X modules at the same time – far beyond the capability of any non PCI Express carrier.  The ICS-7003 reflects the growing customer requirement to achieve significantly higher data transfer bandwidths than can be obtained using conventional parallel buses. “The ICS-7003 is aimed at the growing number of high performance or real-time applications that need high rate data movement in a PC server or workstation platform,” said Scott Hames, Director of Product Management at ICS Sensor Processing.  “It delivers around three times the bandwidth of conventional PCI Bus solutions, and provides an excellent platform for the construction of subsystem blades based on two PMCs.” Contributing to the ICS-7003’s ability to deliver maximum throughput is the intelligent switch between the PMC Pn4 connectors, allowing direct connection between the two PMC modules and avoiding the host processor and operating system altogether.  The switch also provides support for the two FPDP II ports, optimizing the movement of transmit or receive digital data.  Installation into PCI Express systems – either 8-lane or 16-lane - is transparent, as no additional drivers are required. Availability of the ICS-7003 is immediate. For product information, visit:  http://www.ics-ltd.com/images/Product_Brief_4882466.pdf