ICS-1650 - Military Embedded Systems Editor's Choice April 2009

250 MHz, four 12-bit channels

ICS-1650 - Military Embedded Systems Editor's Choice April 2009

chosen as an Editor's Choice product by Military Embedded Systems magazine for April 2009.

Chris Ciufo, OpenSystems Publishing Editor wrote:

"We've said it before, and we'll keep on saying it: The real world is analog – this digital stuff is just a way to manipulate the data. But to do that, it's essential to convert as much high-resolution analog data into the digital domain. To do that requires lots of channels and as many bits as one can cram on a card. Enter GE Fanuc's ICS-1650 high-speed ADC, delivering simultaneous sampling rates up to 250 MHz on four 12-bit analog channels. 

Ideal for SDR, SIGINT, radar, and diagnostic imaging apps, the Virtex-5 powered Analog-to-Digital converter provides a four-lane PCI Express bus interface delivering a net payload data rate as fast as 1.25 GBps. Not only that, ICS-1650 affords a continuous data acquisition sampling speed on all four channels in excess of 200 MHz, while providing SFFs (and particularly microATX) with mechanical compatibility. Additionally, users needing help with sometimes-tricky FPGA code development can turn to the ICS-1650's Hardware Development Kit, which includes timing constraints, VHDL source code, ISE projects, and Test Bench. An optional Graychip GC5016 ASIC can be added for more DDC functionality. Then there's the 16 MB QDR II SRAM provided for "scratchpad" use – appropriate since we think the ICS-1650 is something to write home about."

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