I have a PCI Device in my system and upon restarting, I am forced to boot in SAFE MODE. What’s wrong?

The PCI device was not properly configured, or an ISA device was configured in its place. If the following key exists in the registry:


Where X has the same physical device ID (winrt #) as the PCI device, the conflict will cause the system to hang at startup, requiring you to boot in safe mode. Deleting the WRTdevX key will fix the problem in this case.

In general, the best thing to do is clean your system of the WinRT device drivers and reinstall the PCI card. Uninstall the software via the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel Applet and then follow the directions for How can I manually remove a Condor product from my Windows 95/98 system? to be sure that all device driver information has been cleaned. Shutdown your system and be sure the PCI device is not in the system, then reboot and install the software. Finally, shutdown and install the hardware.