How do I verify that the device driver settings match my hardware settings?

The hardware configuration settings are stored into the Windows Registry. To examine these settings run REGEDIT.EXE, located in the Windows directory. Before making any changes to the Windows Registry we recommend saving a copy of the old Registry settings. This can be accomplished as follows:

  1. Select the root of the registry tree (MY_COMPUTER) and click: FILE>>Export Registry.
  2. Save this file in a safe place.

The device settings for physical device zero can be found in the following key:


For example, the default key settings for a CEI-200 16K consists of the following:

  BusType 0x00000001 

  IoPortAddress 0x00000380 

  IoPortCount 0x00000004 

  MemoryAddress 0x000d0000 

  MemoryCount 0x00004000