How do I run the test configuration?

The test configuration allows you to determine if your board and API are installed properly.

  1. Click the Start Menu and go to "Programs"
  2. Go to the Program Folder in which the API is installed. The default folder is "BusTools-1553-API" for military boards, or "Condor CEI-x20-SW", "Condor CEI-SW" or "Condor CEI-710-SW" for commercial boards.
  3. Click the "Test Config" icon.
  4. Enter the board number. The board number is the logical ID assigned to it upon installation. If you have only one board installed, the board number is probably "0". Multiple boards are given an ID based on many factors such as operating system and platform (PCI, ISA, etc.)

    You will see "test PASSED" if everything is setup and configured correctly. Otherwise, an error message describing what is wrong will be displayed.

  5. If the test configuration fails, you may need to reinstall the board and software. An improper installation is the most common reason for failing the test configuration.
  6. To reinstall, uninstall the API you are currently using and refer to the Quick Start and installation section of the User's Manual for your board.