How do I install my new PCI/cPCI card?

  1. Install the Condor software that came with your PCI device, this must be done first.
  2. The installation will have created an image of the PCI device driver diskettes to a directory inside the installation directory. Copy these files to a blank floppy disk.
  3. Install the hardware in any available PCI slot in your system.
  4. Start your system. The Windows 95/98 Plug and Play hardware manager should detect new hardware upon startup. -- If the New Hardware Found dialog does not come up upon starting your system, select ADD NEW HARDWARE from the Control Panels.
  5. When asked if you should Allow Windows to Search For New Device, select NO. Select the Hardware Type you wish to setup as ? Other Devices. When prompted if Windows 98/95 should search for a device driver, select HAVE DISK. Insert the disk you created in step 2 above.
  6. Two different dialogs may ask for the location of the driver disk. In both cases, direct the dialogs to the location of the driver diskette you created.
  7. Windows 95 will configure your system to run the PCI device. Once finished, restart your system.