How do I confirm my Condor Board installed correctly?

All Condor software ships with a basic executable normally called Test Config accessible from the START->Programs menu under the product name. This program will verify that the card is accessible and test it by wrapping transmit channels to receive channels internally. The Condor device is thoroughly tested before being shipped so any error reported back from this test should signal an installation issue.

To check resource configurations, run the Device Manager by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then selecting the Device Manager. From the device manager, click the PROPERTIES button. This will bring up a Computer Properties dialog, which will allow you to view resource settings for I/O and Memory. The memory range selected for the card installed will indicate "Unavailable for use by devices". This means that Windows has detected that the Condor device driver is using this memory region. The I/O setting for the card should NOT be present in the I/O setting list. Windows 95 does not display the I/O setting used for these devices, therefore they should not be seen in this list. In the case of resource conflicts either move the resource addresses to non-conflicting ranges or disable the conflicting device.