How do I check to see if the hardware configurations of my Condor Board will conflict with my current hardware configuration before installation?

Run the System applet from the Control Panel and use the Device Manager tab. From the device manager, double click your computer icon at the top of the list. This will bring up a Computer Properties dialog which, will allow you to view resource settings for I/O and Memory. The Physical memory range of your Condor card should not be displayed. For example, a CEI-200 with 32K memory has a default memory address of 0x000D0000, so before installation you should not see any resource allocation within 0x000D0000-0x000D7FFF. The I/O setting for the card must also be available in I/O setting list if applicable.

Also note that an 8-bit memory interface can conflict indirectly with a 16-bit memory interface (any Condor ISA device except for the CEI-100 is a 16-bit device). This can occur if an 8-bit device is placed in the same 128K region as a 16-bit device. An 8 bit device can be identified as any ISA card that only uses part of the physical ISA slot. 16-bit ISA cards always use the entire ISA slot.