How can I upgrade the firmware of my VME-AIC or VXI-AIC board?

VME/VXI-AIC Firmware Update Procedure

After downloading the firmware archive from the Condor Engineering web site, VME-AIC-SW Download page, follow these steps to reprogram the firmware on you AIC product.

This procedure assumes you are using a terminal emulation application such as Windows Terminal or HyperTerminal with the settings described below. It also assumes you have extracted all of the files from the zip archive in a common directory on your hard drive.

HyperTerminal Setup

  1. Open a HyperTerminal session for the desired COMM port.
  2. From the File pull-down, Properties selection, Phone Number tab, click on the Configure button.
  3. Set the Port Settings to 9600 baud, 8bits, no parity, one stop bit, Flow control - None.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the Settings tab and click the ASCII Setup button.
  6. Reset the Line delay value to 600 milliseconds.
  7. Connect a standard 9-pin to 25-pin serial cable from your PC to the Serial Port 1/Console connector on the AIC front panel.

VME-AIC Programming

  1. Press the ABORT button on the AIC front panel, the "162-Bug>" prompt should appear in the terminal emulation application window.
  2. Select "SEND A TEXT FILE" from your terminal emulation application.
  3. Select V1load.txt for download. This sets up 162-Bug for a text load to RAM.
  4. Within seconds, the V1load pauses. Again select "SEND A TEXT FILE" from your terminal emulation application. Select the executable 186_4M.RUN for downloading the 4M version. This takes a couple of minutes to download.
  5. Again select "SEND A TEXT FILE" from your terminal emulation application. Select V2setup.txt for download. This calculates and displays the checksum for the executable residing in RAM. As shown and described in step 6 of the procedure located in Appendix A of the "VME-AIC User's Manual"