How can the content of a BMD-file (while the generation of this file is still in progress) be made available to other programs/users?

There are several methods that could be used for making BMD file data available to other users.

Fundamentally, the data is nothing but a stream of API_BM_MBUF records. Normally, the recording application would open a file and write the records to the file as the messages are captured. The recording application keeps the file open during the recording session. Other applications are not able to directly access the BMD file until the recording application closes the file. Therefore, it is difficult to have one application recording to a file and have another application trying to read the same file.

One idea is to separate the recorded BMD file from the shared data stream. For example, the recording application would receive BM messages, write them to the BMD file, and write them to a shareable resource. The network users would access the data through this “shareable resource” rather than directly accessing the BMD file that is being recorded. If the recording application is setup as a server (using sockets or something similar), the application can wait for a client to connect over the network, and then all BM messages received on 1553 can be sent as packets over the network to the client. This now becomes a general network programming task, using sockets or something else to send data packets (API_BM_MBUF structures) to clients.