GreenSpring Computers introduces the VIPC310-TX for extended temperature 1553 Applications

Ruggedized Government and Military Applications to Benefit

GreenSpring Computers, the leading manufacturer of ANSI-standardized IndustryPack mezzanine modules, announced today the VIPC310-TX. The VIPC310-TX, part of the IndustryPack© (IP) family of modular I/O components, is the first extended temperature carrier board specifically designed for 1553 applications. The board is certified for temperatures from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and provides mechanical support and electrical interfacing for two single high IP-1553 IndustryPacks. "GreenSpring has focused on 1553 avionics with a new level of performance," explains Joe Zabkar, president of GreenSpring Computers. "The VIPC310-TX has been proven to meet the rugged requirements of government and military applications, including F-18 fighters and Harrier jump jets." On the carrier board, each of the IndustryPack interfaces uses two Trompeter CBJR157 Twinax connectors, one set for each Dual Redundant 1553 IndustryPack. These are accessible through the 3U front panel of the VIPC310-TX. The interface connectors are mounted directly on theIndustryPack carrier, providing a modular and reliable cabling system, and eliminating the use of external transition modules. Interface cables may be inserted or removed without removing the VIPC310-TX from the VME chassis. IPs may be snapped in or removed without interfering with the I/O cabling. "The VIPC310-TX carrier board has been designed for reliability as well as cost savings and conservation of valuable slot space," states Zabkar. "The elimination of on-board transition modules is one example of this efficient design." The VIPC310-TX is fully software compatible with the standard 3U VIPC310, featuring reliable surface mount CMOS technology and an improved power system. Additionally, this IP carrier board supports VMEbus I/O, standard memory, and interrupt functions. It is configurable from 64 kilobytes to 2 megabytes of memory per IP. The VIPC310-TX joins a line of over 100 GreenSpring Computers IndustryPack modules and carrier boards for applications including communications, motion control, temperature measurement, and graphics. Because the VIPC310-TX conforms to the ANSI/VITA 4-1995 IP modules standard, compatibility is guaranteed with the range of GreenSpring 1553 IndustryPacks currently available. Additionally, the VIPC310-TX meets VMEbus Specification C.1 (also known as IEEE P1014/D1.2 and IEC 821 bus) for 3U or "single high" form factor. Founded in 1984, GreenSpring Computers is a subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. The company designs, manufactures, and sells PCI boards, CompactPCI boards, VMEbus boards, ISA boards, embedded single-board computers, IndustryPacks, and industrial computers for large corporations and OEMs. For further information, contact GreenSpring Computers at 181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; Ph- (415)327-1200; fax- (415) 327-3808; e-mail:, web: