GreenSpring Computers Expands CompactPCI IndustryPack® Carrier Board Line

3U CompactPCI systems to benefit from additional I/O functionality

GreenSpring Computers, the leading manufacturer of ANSI/VITA-4 standardized IP modules, today announced the availability of the cPCI-100, a new IndustryPack carrier board which holds two IPs on a single 3U CompactPCI board to deliver 100 I/O lines per slot. It joins the cPCI 200 as the second in a series of IndustryPack carriers for CompactPCI. The cPCI-200 holds up to fourIPs and offers front panel and backplane connectivity options. The cPCI-100 meets the PCIMG rev 1.1 Draft specification and conforms to the ANSI/VITA-4, IP Modules specification -- guaranteeing compatibility with over 100 IndustryPack modules currently available from GreenSpring. "The cPCI-100 provides expanded I/O capabilities and options for designers of 3U CompactPCI systems," explains president of GreenSpring Computers, Joe Zabkar. "The ability to maximize I/O is a significant benefit for this smaller, industrial bus where typical systems may be limited to eight slots." Each IndustryPack site may be individually configured for either 8 or 32 MHz operation. The standard 8 MB memory space is available for each IP slot. A high speed 32-bit PCI host address space permits desirable linear mapping and fixed address partitions of memory, I/O and ID spaces for each IP module. Two versions of the cPCI-100 are available. The cPCI-100-FP provides all 100 IndustryPack I/O lines through the two Champ 0.8 mm front panel connectors. A mating cable from Champ 0.8 mm to HD-50 metal shielded connectors is available. The standard connector permits most GreenSpring transition modules and terminal blocks to be used immediately. The cPCI-100-BP provides all 100 IP lines on the backplane through the J2 connector. Capable of holding two single-wide or one double wide IndustryPack slots in a 3U form factor CompactPCI carrier card, the cPCI-100 uses PLX's PCI9060 as the PCI bus interface chip and Altera logic, which provides configurable PCI interrupts. Shipping Now The cPCI-100 is available for immediate shipment from GreenSpring Computers and authorized distributors. Pricing starts at $775. About GreenSpring Computers GreenSpring Computers manufactures over 100 IP modules (marketed under the IndustryPack name) for applications including communications, motion control, temperature measurement, and graphics. Each slot in a CompactPCI, PCI, ISA or VME system accommodates up to four IndustryPack modules. When combined with an IndustryPack carrier board for CompactPCI, VME, ISA, PCI, VXI, or PC/104, the IndustryPacks provide the designer with the ability to create millions of custom off-the-shelf high-density I/O solutions. Founded in 1984, GreenSpring Computers is a subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. The company designs, manufactures and sells PCI boards, CompactPCI boards, VMEbus boards, ISA boards, embedded single-board computers, IndustryPacks and industrial computers for large corporations and OEMs. For further information, contact GreenSpring Computers, 181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; Ph- (415) 327-1200; fax-(415) 327-3808; e-mail:; web: