GreenSpring Computers Adds Eight New Products and PC/104 Solution to IndustryPack Line

GreenSpring Computers today announced eight new additions to the company's line of IndustryPacks and carrier boards for applications requiring high throughput and high accuracy. The acquisition of the IndustryPack-compatible product line from Wavetron Microsystems, Inc., of Redwood City, California -- has enabled GreenSpring to increase its product offerings in the high performance arena. Designed around an open industry standard, IndustryPacks are credit card sized, plug-in, mezzanine modules which perform a variety of I/O functions. GreenSpring Computers created the open architecture VITA-4 IndustryPack specification, which is supported by over 100 manufacturers worldwide. IndustryPack modules may be used on all major buses -- including VME and PCI. The capabilities of the new IndustryPacks extend the performance ratings of the GreenSpring product line from 100 KHz to 30 MHz. Joe Zabkar, president of GreenSpring Computers, believes that customers creating simulation applications will benefit most from the higher performanceIndustryPacks. "Simulation applications offer designers tremendous costand time savings. However, simulation environments require extremely highsampling rates," he says. "The new IndustryPacks address this I/O requirement by increasing our maximum performance capability ten-fold." Available now, the additions to the GreenSpring product line include ADC and DAC IPs; an IP-68332 (featuring the Motorola MC68332 micro controller); an audio interface IP; and carrier boards for DSP and PC/104. The products were selected by GreenSpring Computers for their reliability and performance ratings. Kim Rubin, vice president of engineering at GreenSpring Computers, explains: "The products allow GreenSpring to instantly address our customers¹ high performance I/O requirements. Over time, the new products will be modified further to incorporate the standard design and ease-of-use characteristics of the existing GreenSpring line." Highlights of the new products include the following:
Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) IndustryPacks &8226; IP-HiADC: Offers a cumulative sampling rate of 1.25 MHz; 4 or 16 channels;12-bit resolution; simultaneous sampling; anti-aliasing filter; zero wait-states &8226; IP-HiRes: Four channels at 100 KHz/ch each; 16-bit resolution, simultaneous sampling, input programmable gain, anti-aliasing filter; zero wait-states Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) IndustryPacks &8226; IP-FastDAC: conversion rate of 5µs; 8 or 16 channels; 13-bit resolution; simultaneous conversion; output programmable gain; reconstruction filterOther Products &8226; PC/104 Carrier Bus: Industry standard PC-compatible modules measuring 3.6" x 3.8" with two IndustryPack sites &8226; IP-68332: Fully programmable digital I/O and processor IndustryPack comes equipped with a Motorola MC68332 microcontroller and a dual-port SRAM interface to the IP Bus; one synchronous serial port; 16-channel input/output timer and counter; PWM and stepper motor drive; period measurement; input capture &8226; IP-1849: Ideal for audio and speech analysis, the IP-1849 comes with two-channel signal generation, industrial vibration analysis and control; two-channel, simultaneous sampling 16-bit Sigma Delta Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog; up to 16 MIPS on-board signal processor; up to 48 kHz sampling frequency; programmable input gain and output attenuation. The products join a line of over 90 GreenSpring Computers IndustryPack modules for applications including communications, motion control, temperature measurement, and graphics. When combined with an IndustryPack carrier board for VME, AT, PCI, VXI, or PC/104, the IndustryPacks provide the designer with the ability to create millions of custom off-the-shelf high-density I/O solutions. Founded in 1984, GreenSpring Computers is a subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. The company designs, manufactures and sells VMEbus boards, embedded stand-alone boards, IndustryPacks and Industrial Computers for large corporations and OEMs. For further information, contact GreenSpring Computers, 1204 O¹Brien Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Ph-(415) 327-1200, fax-(415)-327-3808, email:, World Wide Web: