GE Launches Next Phase of Industrial Internet Control System

Deploys first-ever open controller and remote monitoring platform to optimize performance

Charlottesville, Virginia – Intelligent Platforms (NYSE:GE), a segment of the legacy Automation and Controls business today unveiled its latest product innovations with the release of two new control solutions. Building on the capabilities of its Industrial Internet Control System (IICS), Intelligent Platforms is introducing PACSystems* RX3i CPL410, the first-ever outcome optimizing open controller, and Equipment Insight 2018, a remote monitoring as a service platform, both designed to harness the combined power of edge controls and analytics to deliver actionable intelligence across the industrial ecosystem.

These discrete solutions share the unique ability to provide customers with greater flexibility by enabling new edge technologies that can work more seamlessly with existing control systems and applications to improve performance.

The release of the Equipment Insight solution advances asset health by providing unpreceded visibility into distributed assets to help customers enhance performance and processes through centrally managed remote monitoring. This is a complete end to end solution from data connectivity at the edge to anomaly detection, trouble shooting, and case management designed to quickly drive identified issues to closure.

The CPL410 is the first-ever completely open Outcome Optimizing Controller with both real-time deterministic control combined with a platform at the edge to improve business outcomes, generate new revenue, and drive profitability. As an open edge device, the CPL410 can connect to any analytics capable platform such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others. 

Access to real-time intelligence enabled by CPL410 and a complete remote monitoring and troubleshooting solution with Equipment Insight 2018 allow customers to reduce unplanned downtime across a wide range of industries such as water/waste water, metro, industrial steam, automotive, oil and gas, and discrete manufacturing operating in the complex industrial environment. Equipment Insight is a great solution for Equipment OEMs looking to rapidly grow their service revenues while simultaneously providing a better experience for their customers.

“Today’s industrial infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex to manage and requires a holistic view of operational and industrial processes. At the epicenter of the IIoT ecosystem is the business imperative to manage data much closer to the physical asset, and with it comes the increased challenge to leverage this data in an efficient and meaningful way,” said Rich Carpenter, General Manager of Control and Edge Platforms for Intelligent Platforms. “Our CPL410 and Equipment Insight solutions will accelerate customers’ IIoT strategy by providing a platform for running applications at the edge as well as providing an end to end centralized solution for remote monitoring of distributed assets. The capability will help to quickly detect anomalies in asset performance and monitor issues to drive timely resolution – ultimately delivering true business value through a data centric view of critical assets.”

As a part of the PACSystems RX3i CPx400 series, the release of the CPL410 solution furthers the ambition to reimagine a new industry standard for outcome optimizing control with the first of its kind edge controllers equipped with dual redundancy capabilities and open architecture. By bringing edge-enabled data analytics together with real-time control, these solutions unlock new insights and provide customers with built in flexibility, operational efficency, and higher asset performance. Whether customers are looking to enable the system through a Field Agent connected to Equipment Insight 2018 or PACEdge with Linux, an open implementation with compatible web server support, the CPx400 family is designed to perform in a range of applications.

Below is an overview of GE’s CPL410 and Equipment Insight 2018 solutions:

·         PACSystems* RX3i CPL410: An outcome optimizing controller ideal for a range of applications, including water/wastewater, metro, industrial steam, automotive, chemical, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing, and modular machine designs. As an update to the CPE400 version which leverages GE’s Predix analytics platform, the CPL410 now features PACEdge with Linux technology, enabling customers to not only connect to their preferred cloud service, but also develop and run data processing Linux-based applications next to the control systems to enhance their processes for better outcomes. With a co-processor engine, reduced lifecycle cost, and high-speed performance, the solution allows customers to generate new forms of revenue, improve profitability, and ensure uninterrupted control of applications and processes with total transparency. 

·         Equipment Insight 2018: Complete service enablement platform that allows customers to remotely monitor and manage distributed assets in real-time by collecting data, generating alerts, analyzing performance, and managing cases until resolution to provide opportunities for expanded services revenue. Compatible with cloud-based applications and Field Agent technology, Equipment Insight 2018 is ideal for large pumps, back-up or portable power generators, compressors, and other complex machinery. With this solution, OEMs have the ability to remotely monitor KPIs associated with the usage and health of the machines they have provided to customers. This ongoing data collection, along with alarming and case management functionality, allows OEMs to improve business outcomes through the creation of new service offerings, improved asset performance, better customer support, and reduced costs.

Intelligent Platforms was recently named Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Company of the Year for Global Edge Controls and Analytics for redefining the next generation modular controls platform through the company’s IICS, as well as its foundational history of quality dedication, commitment to continued innovation, world-class customer support, and overall strong performance.

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