GE Fanuc’s Intel® Pentium® M Single Board Computer Family Adds Support for 1.8 GHz Processor Speeds

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – September 16, 2004 – GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Inc., announces that its Intel® Pentium® M single board computer (SBC) family, which includes the VMIVME-7810, VMICPCI-7806 and newly announced VMIVME-7807, will now offer processor speeds at 1.8 GHz. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems showcased the product line at the 2004 Embedded Systems Conference, September 14-15, Boston, Booth #1208. The VMIVME-7810 is a dual-slot VME SBC that integrates up to 4 GB Dual Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM, dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual PMC expansion sites, dual channel SCSI, dual serial ports, an enhanced parallel port, a front panel DVI-I, dual USB ports, UltraDMA 100 IDE, and up to 1 GB CompactFlash. The VMICPCI-7806 is a single slot PICMG 2.16-compliant CompactPCI SBC integrating up to 1 GB DDR SDRAM, dual PMC expansion sites, dual Gigabit Ethernet, serial and parallel ATA, dual USB 2.0 ports, dual serial ports and up to 1 GB CompactFlash. The newly announced VMIVME-7807 is a single slot VITA 31.1-compliant VME SBC featuring up to 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM, a PCI-X PMC expansion site, dual Gigabit Ethernet, one 10/100 Ethernet, four serial ports, four USB 2.0 ports, serial ATA, and up to 1 GB CompactFlash. GE Fanuc’s newly enhanced VMIVME-7810 and VMICPCI-7806 are available for shipment in October, and the VMIVME-7807 will be available in late November. About GE Fanuc Embedded Systems GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Inc., is a part of GE Fanuc Automation, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan. GE Fanuc delivers hardware and software designed to help users reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance profitability. With solutions and services catering to virtually every industrial segment, GE Fanuc provides a diverse array of capabilities and products, including controllers, embedded systems, advanced software, motion control, CNCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, and lasers. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, GE Fanuc Automation is a part of GE Infrastructure and combines the diverse global strengths of the GE family with the local presence customers need to design, develop and maintain their automation investments. For more information, visit or contact: GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, 12090 S. Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL 35803, Phone: (800) 322-3616, Fax: (256) 882-0859, e-mail: # # # All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Editors: For more information about and photography of GE Fanuc products and solutions, please visit our online media center at: .