GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Announces Broad Support For Freescale MPC8640 and MPC8640D Processors

Enables industry-leading performance per watt

  • Power/heat reduced by 7-14 watts in typical system
  • Current products to be optionally available with MPC8640/MPC8640D
  • MPC8640/MPC8640D to feature in forthcoming products

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA October 7, 2008 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced that it would make Freescale Semiconductor’s recently-announced MPC8640 and MPC8640D processors, built on Power Architecture™ technology, optionally available on a broad range of its single board computer, digital signal processing and multiprocessor products. The MPC8640 and MPC8640D will be designed in to future products and will also be an option for existing products.

Electing to use the MPC8640 will allow customers to achieve the same levels of processing performance as those achievable with the MPC8641 – which is widely used throughout the embedded computing industry – but with significantly lower power/heat dissipation: therefore, boards supporting the MPC8640 and MPC8640D will offer outstanding performance per watt. The MPC8640 is also code-compatible with the MPC8641, meaning that no changes to software are required.

“Embedded computing customers find themselves caught in what can seem like a vicious circle,” said Peter Cavill, General Manager, Military & Aerospace business at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms “Their need for ever greater processing capability has historically been met by processors that generate increasing amounts of heat – and for many, cooling such high power processors is an all-but-intractable problem. Freescale’s MPC8640 processors respond to this by delivering high performance, but creating less heat – and they allow us to offer our customers an unprecedented range of flexible embedded computing solutions.

“Announcing our support for the MPC8640 at this time enables our customers to begin development today using current products,” he concluded, “in the knowledge that they will have access to lower power versions for future program deployment.”

“Power Architecture technology has become a preferred processing solution for demanding embedded computing applications, and with the outstanding performance per watt characteristics of the MPC8640 and MPC8640D, we have extended its leadership still further,” said Glenn Beck, marketing manager with Freescale’s Network Systems Division. “There is unquestionably customer demand for high performance processors that dissipate less heat, and we’re delighted that GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms is making this comprehensive commitment to our MPC8640 and MPC8640D processors.”

In a typical dual node, dual core configuration, the MPC8640 dissipates between 7 and 14 watts less when compared to its MPC8641 equivalent, providing a worthwhile reduction in heat dissipation – meaning that the resulting system is easier to cool (and thus more robust) or that additional computing capabilities can be configured without exceeding the cooling capacity of the system. The power/heat savings become even more significant in sophisticated quad node computers, which are often used in multiples for advanced signal processing applications.

The MPC8640 and MPC8640D includes all the features that have made the MPC8641 and MPC8641D industry leaders, including the AltiVec™ numeric processor, on-chip memory controllers, PCI Express™, Serial RapidIO® and multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Products planned to become optionally available with the MPC8640 processor include

  • CM6 3U CompactPCI single board computer
  • VG6 6U VMEbus single- or dual node single board computer
  • PowerXtreme PPC9A 6U VMEbus single board computer
  • VPXtreme3 SBC310 3U VPX single board computer
  • VPXtreme3 SBC330 3U VPX single board computer
  • VPXtreme6 SBC610 6U VPX single board computer
  • DSP220 6U VXS quad node multiprocessor
  • DSP230 6U VPX quad node multiprocessor

The first products from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms to feature the MPC8640/MPC8640D are expected to ship in early 2009.

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