GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Announces Additions to 8000 Process I/O Line

Three New Modules Offer Users Choice, Flexibility, Easy Configuration and Diagnostic Capabilities

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, NOVEMBER 3, 2008 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise
Solutions, today announced the availability of three new modules to add to its 8000 Process I/O line of
GE Fanuc Process Solutions. The 8129 Supervised Discrete Input/Output Module, the 8132 Universal
Analog Input Module, and the 8133 Analog Input with HART Module, offer users flexibility, range and
ease of configuration as part of the overall value of the 8000 Process I/O line.

“8000 Process I/O is a completely modular distributed I/O solution for both general purpose and
hazardous area applications,” said Dave Reynolds, Product Marketing Manager for GE Fanuc’s Process
Solutions. “Unlike most process control equipment, it is built to be mounted in the entire spectrum of
plant environments. It’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures of -40 to + 70 degrees C allows it
to work in the frozen tundra, or the desert. With ISA G3 corrosion resistance and extended shock and
vibration capabilities it can handle the user's most demanding applications.”

8000 Process I/O modules are available for virtually any process signal, including analog,
thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer, discrete, high-speed counter, frequency and quadrature. And for
hazardous applications, it provides the most cost-effective intrinsically safe I/O available by integrating
intrinsic safety and sensor signal conditioning in one package.

“The three new modules we are introducing will provide customers with the freedom and flexibility to
configure their I/O to suit their applications, and with advanced diagnostics, the ability to improve the
reliability and uptime of their processes,” said Jim Leatherby, Product Manager. “The HART capability
of the 8133 HI-TX allows them to take advantage of their smart field devices.”

The 8129-IO-DC Supervised Discrete Input / Output Module provides the ultimate flexibility for
interfacing to 8 channels by allowing any combination of discrete inputs and outputs to be configured
Each of the 8 channels of the module may be configured, on a channel-by-channel basis, as either an
input or an output. The module’s internal diagnostics monitor all inputs, check for line faults and
check for proper operation. Each channel has an input transition counter and optional latching. When
configured as an output, the channel is capable of switching up to 2.0A (maximum of 6.0A continuous
per module). Comprehensive diagnostic tests are conducted on each of the channels including test for
stuck ON and stuck OFF output switches. Each output channel is short circuit protected and offers a
pulsed output option.

The 8132 Universal Analog Input Module provides for 8 isolated, universal input channels. It is
configurable on a channel-by-channel basis for 4-20mA, THC, RTD, and resistance & voltage inputs.
The 8132 interfaces to a broad range of standard input types, including support for 10 ohm Cu RTDs,
bipolar voltage inputs and current inputs down to 0mA. By supporting 250V ac rms channel-tochannel
isolation, multiple thermocouple and RTD types, and multiple voltage input types, it provides
you with great range and flexibility for your analog input needs.

The 8133 HI-TX Supervised Analog Input Module with HART provides the interface to 8 channels of 4-
20 mA input signals. The HART capabilities of the Analog Input Module allow acquisition of up to four
secondary variables per channel – which can be used by a standard application program. The Module
also interfaces to several asset management packages and can communicate with any HART field
device transparently, using HART pass-through. The module carries out a number of diagnostic
checks to confirm the accuracy of the measurement reported and the correct operation of the module
and automatically can detect if there is a module problem.

The rugged, industry-leading line of 8000 Process I/O continues to grow and expand to better serve
the needs of GE Fanuc’s process customers. All three modules are available now. For more

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