GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms and Cavium Networks Collaborate To Bring Low Power Multicore Solutions to Military/Aerospace Customers

Initiative synergizes strengths in military/aerospace, telecommunications applications


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA   September 22, 2009   GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced that it has initiated a collaborative effort with Cavium Networks in which the two companies will facilitate high-performance compute technology using low power multicore processor architectures in military/aerospace applications. The initiative takes advantage of GE Fanuc’s strength in the military/aerospace industry and in the deployment of low power multicore solutions in the telecommunications industry, as well as Cavium Networks’ leadership in the design and development of industry-leading embedded multicore processors. The collaboration is expected to lead to the development of new solutions designed for military/aerospace applications that are based on multicore technology.
“Increasingly, communications is at the heart of military computing as defense becomes information-centric rather than weapons-centric,” said Peter Cavill, General Manager, Military & Aerospace Products at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, “and military customers face the same kind of challenges as those faced by companies in the telecommunications field. Today, we deliver a range of Cavium OCTEONTM processor-based solutions to our telecommunications and enterprise customers. Cavium is a leader in commercial networking and security applications with the most cores and the most comprehensive hardware acceleration for sophisticated applications, and this collaboration will enable our military/aerospace customers to take advantage of the same high-performance, low-power and secure technology.”
Applications for the OCTEON based technology that will likely be of interest to military customers relate to the requirement for the absolute security of information transmitted via a network, together with the need to manage network resources in the most efficient manner so as to maximize throughput. These will include deep packet inspection, network monitoring, intrusion detection, firewalling and other intelligent networking applications.
“Embedded multicore processing technology has been widely deployed by commercial networking, wireless, storage and security vendors in data center, enterprise and service provider industries,” said YJ Kim, Senior Director of Networking Communications Division at Cavium Networks. “The OCTEON II family of processors with up to 32 cores each running at up to 1.5GHz coupled with the military/aerospace expertise of GE Fanuc will bring wire-speed deep packet inspection, network intelligence and security to specialized military applications.”
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms currently takes advantage of the capabilities of Cavium Networks’ multicore processors in solutions designed for the telecommunications industry. Most recent of these are the WANic™ 56511 and 56512. Designed to enable the creation of faster, higher bandwidth networks by offloading network processing tasks from the server, the WANic 56511 and 56512 are the first PCI Express™ packet processors to feature the OCTEON Plus CN5650 12-core 750MHz processor. The WANic 56511 and 56512 are complemented by one of the industry’s broadest products ranges which include Ethernet switches and network interfaces, AdvancedMCs™ and modular platforms.
OCTEON multicore processors provide a scalable range from one to 32 cnMIPS cores on a single chip along with the most advanced networking, security and application hardware acceleration. The cnMIPS core is Cavium’s custom implementation of MIPS64 release2, optimized for networking, and services with very low power consumption. Application hardware acceleration engines for QoS, packet processing, TCP, compression, encryption, RAID, de-duplication and pattern matching allow the family to deliver unmatched scalability, performance and integration. Flexible standards-based I/Os including gigabit Ethernet, 10 gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express Gen 1 and 2, USB2.0, serial Rapid I/O (SRIO) and Interlaken enable flexible, high-bandwidth network and system connectivity. 
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