GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Receives Long Term Agreement From General Dynamics Land Systems

US Army M1A2 Abrams Tank Upgrade (CEEP)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, April 30, 2007 GE Fanuc Embedded Systems today announced that its recent acquisition Radstone Embedded Computing had received authorization to disclose an extension to a Long Term Agreement (LTA) from General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation, in respect of continuing supply of Radstone processor and graphics boards for the US Army’s M1A2 Abrams tank Continuous Electronics Enhancement Program (CEEP) (now known as M1A2 SEP V2). The new LTA is valued at $41 million, and extends an earlier LTA valued at over $22 million. “Upgrading and refurbishment of the M1A2 tank is a high profile program that is of significant strategic value to the US Army, and we are delighted to have received this substantial expression of confidence from GDLS,” said Peter Cavill of GE Fanuc Embedded Systems. “We have had a long and very rewarding relationship with GDLS, and look forward to continuing with it for many years to come.” The total number of equipment sets covered by the new LTA is approximately 800. About 360 tank sets were shipped under the terms of the earlier LTA. The initial call off under the terms of the new LTA is for 140 tank sets. More than 8,800 Abrams main battle tanks have been produced for the US Army and other armies around the world since the first M1 tank was produced by GDLS in 1978. The M1A2 SEP (Systems Enhancement Program), which uses the newer CEEP electronics, provides the M1A2 with improved digital command and control capabilities, allowing the Abrams to use the US Army common command and control software enabling the rapid transfer of digital situational data and map overlays. In addition, a second generation FLIR is provided to gunner and commander, as well as a new auxiliary power unit under armor. About GE Fanuc Embedded Systems GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is a leading global provider of embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Featuring a comprehensive offering that includes Intel® and PowerPC®-based Single Board Computers, sensor processing, networking products, avionics interfaces, rugged flat panel monitors and complete computer systems, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems can support the full range of embedded computing needs. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is part of GE Fanuc, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan. For more information, visit Contact: Ian McMurray, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Tel: +44 (0) 1327 322821 E-Mail: