GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Introduces Intel® Dual Core Processor-Based VMEbus Single Board Computer

<b><i>V7865 provides optional dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on the backplane</i></b>

  • 2 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor
  • Optional Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on backplane – VXS-compliant
  • Optional Rugged Extended Temperature: -40° to +70°C
  • Albuquerque, NM (February 13, 2007) ─ GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, a leading provider of embedded military and commercial solutions, expands their already extensive line of processor products with the introduction of the 2 GHz V7865 Intel Core Duo Processor-based single board computer (SBC). The V7865 SBC features good I/O flexibility making this an ideal solution for any type of VMEbus processor control application. The V7865 is also available in a VITA 47-compliant EAC6 version, making it an excellent candidate for rugged extended temperature environments looking to migrate to dual core architecture “GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is introducing the V7865 VMEbus Dual Core processor board to provide customers with a dual core solution from a proven industry partner”, said Wayne McGee, Global Director, SBC Product Line Management. “This single board computer features VITA 41.3 VXS Gigabit Ethernet functionality via the P0 connector to the VXS backplane, providing the ability to communicate with other VXS-enabled products, while maintaining compatibility to legacy VME64 products.” The V7865 SBC lessens environmental operating restrictions with a VITA 47 Class EAC6 operating temperature of –40° to +70°C and 20g operating vibration/shock, delivering a very reliable and flexible solution to customers who need increased computing capabilities. The V7865 is also compliant with the ANSI/VITA 1.5-2003 specification (2eSST, up to 320 MB/s bandwidth) which delivers VME320 functionality that is backward compatible to VME64 functionality. The V7865 is available for ordering now. About GE Fanuc Embedded Systems GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is a leading global provider of embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Featuring a comprehensive offering that includes Intel® and PowerPC®-based Single Board Computers, sensor processing networking products, avionics interfaces, rugged flat panel monitors and complete computer systems, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems can support the full range of embedded computing needs. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is part of GE Fanuc, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan. For more information, visit ### Contacts: Herb Bethoney, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems 505-796-1717