GE Fanuc Announces Proficy® Machine Tool Efficiency Version 4.3 At IMTS

Best-in-Class Solution Further Enhanced With New Important Machine Tool Features

CHICAGO, IL, SEPTEMBER 9, 2008 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced a significant upgrade to Proficy® Machine Tool Efficiency (MTE), its best-in-class solution for connectivity and OEE for machine tools. Proficy MTE is a unique turnkey solution incorporating the most powerful machine tool connectivity solutions available to provide the most comprehensive, actionable root cause analysis. It also provides a suite of remote diagnostic tools to maximize mean-time between failures and minimize mean-time to repair. The new product, version 4.3, will be on display at IMTS in Chicago’s McCormick Place, September 9-13 in booth A-8418.

"Proficy MTE continues to be enhanced to include more machine tool specific features based on voice of the customer input," said Mark Brownhill, Product Manager for GE Fanuc’s CNC division. "These enhancements means that Proficy MTE continues to provide data to drive down the costs of machining operations, making companies more globally competitive."

The Operating Times Screen in Proficy MTE 4.3 provides an overview of the availability and the efficiency of a machine tool. Specifically it provides additional information about how much of the in-cycle time the machine actually processing metal as apposed to moving in air (rapid) or performing auxiliary functions such as tool changes. The Operating Times Screen will:

• provide information on how much time the machine is cutting metal versus just moving in air or performing auxiliary functions, measuring the efficiency of the part programming. A machine is only adding value when it is changing the shape of the part.


• provide information on a per shift basis and overall performance.


• give users the ability to quickly export all data to a standard Excel file for custom analysis.


• provide graphical and tabular data display according to the users’ preference.

Asset Maintenance Life Management, available with Proficy MTE or as a standalone product to reduce the cost of maintenance by tracking the actual usage of components on the machine tool based on a selection of available signals. Customers will save cost by performing preventative maintenance on a usage rather than calendar basis. Built in alerts will ensure maintenance will be performed and prevent unplanned downtime.

This solution can also be used to provide more detailed event data for Proficy Maintenance Gateway interface to a CMMS/EAM system Asset Maintenance Life Management allows you to:

• track any number of components on each machine,


• provide email alerts when life reaches 80% and 100% consumed, with reminders once over 100% to prevent unplanned downtime,

 • provide maintenance history reporting, and

 • apply one of the multiple signals available to characterize the usage of each component (axis moving, in cycle, power on, power off, etc.)

forecast when maintenance interventions will be required based on average usage rate to allow maintenance to be scheduled rather than be reactive,

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal is GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ breakthrough real-time manufacturing intelligence application, allowing companies to gain business insight from all of their plant data in real time. This powerful application is an incredible resource for business, providing visibility into plant floor operations. As a result, it enables real time decision support, continuous process improvement and enhances the return on current and future IT investments.

"Existing systems can be upgraded to take advantage of these new features," said Brownhill. "Machining operations can find ‘low hanging fruit’ to make them more efficient and competitive. Maintenance departments will become more pro-active rather than reactive and able to lower costs and reduce unplanned downtime."

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Elli Holman, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms