February 2011: Proficy Named GE ecomagination Product Providing Both Operational and Environmental Benefits

Automation eBrief: February 2011- Volume 5 Issue 1

Proficy Named GE ecomagination Product Providing Both Operational and Environmental Benefits

ecomaginationWe are pleased to announce that the Proficy Software Platform is joining GE's ecomagination portfolio as the 98th product, demonstrating the ability to provide both operational and environmental benefits to customers.

The company announced this great news on January 26, launching a web page that will provide additional information about what Proficy can do for you and your Sustainable Manufacturing efforts: http://www.ge-ip.com/ecomagination. The page includes links to GE's ecomagination site as well as GE Intelligent Platforms' efforts in this area.

Proficy for Sustainability Metrics Introductory VideoAlso in January, we announced the availability of a new software solution aimed at helpingproducersachieve more environmentallysustainable operations: Proficy for Sustainability Metrics. The solution accelerates energy and water reductions going beyond utility bills and meters to provide a starting point for measuring and analyzing energy and water consumption. For more information on this leading-edge solution you can read the press release.

ecomagination is GE's commitment to deliver innovative solutions that meet today's environmental challenges while driving economic growth. Select products and solutions are added to the ecomagination technology portfolio based on their ability to provide a distinct, measurable advantage in reducing environmental impact while improving operational performance.

Thanks to a demonstrated record of success enabling such results for producers across various industries, including food processing, automotive, and municipal utilities, the Proficy software portfolio has received ecomagination approval. Information systems are increasingly critical enabling technologies, as they enable producers to first baseline their operational and consumption performance—and then set paths forward to make improvements. And by linking consumption metrics to overall performance measures, Proficy ensures that operational and quality goals are balanced with initiatives that reduce energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

ecomagination stands as our commitment that Proficy can offer unique value to you in these interrelated areas:

  • Improve overall process efficiency by approximately 3%-15%
  • Reduce waste and defects in manufacturing and infrastructure applications by approximately 1%-10%
  • Reduce the average energy usage associated with operations

Even the press commented on what this solution can offer companies. See what Stephanie Neil had to say in Managing Automation after seeing the product in action.

GE offers many resources related to Manufacturing Sustainability including white papers:

To learn more about Sustainability and how it can affect your business or to speak to a representative about Sustainability.