Enable RAMix Ethernet Switch Embedded FTP Server


Certain maintenance activities on Ramix Ethernet switches require using a FTP utility to move files into and out of the switch's file system.  Notably, Support group will ask for a copy of the config file from the /usr/ramix/switch/init directory. 

The RAMix ethernet switch family includes the ProFTP utility for transferring files in and out of the switch.  The ftp daemon does not start automatically, but is easily started from the switch's command line interface.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Login to the switch as root
  2. Enter  # ps -ax | grep proftp  to see if the ProFTP daemon is running
  3. Enter  # proftpd start  to start the ftp daemon
  4. Use ftp normally.  The default username is  ftp  and no password is required


  1. The switch locks the ftp client to the /home/ftp directory.
  2. Be extremely careful about leaving copies of files on the switch.  There is a very limited amount of free space in the switch's file system.


93x Ethernet Swittch Family - Operators Reference Manual                                         Document Number: Rx-URMO 070 Rev J