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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4 December 2008
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Switchless MicroTCA Systems

While the MicroTCA™ Carrier Hub (MCH) has several important roles, one of the most important is to manage the fabric interconnects between AdvancedMC™s. In this role, the MCH is the central switching station for data traffic, without which the other system components would not be able to communicate.

Or so it seemed, until engineers at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms implemented an entirely different method of

connecting PCI Express®-based AdvancedMCs. Our engineers wanted to eliminate the central PCI Express switch on the MCH and use physical interconnects between the AdvancedMC modules in the chassis. This would allow them to create very simple, small MicroTCA systems based on PCI Express.

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Product Lifecycle Management
Supporting Customers Over the Long-Term
It’s not uncommon for communications hardware to have a service life of many years and even decades. Whereas consumer electronics, such as home routers and modems, may have a lifecycle of a few years, the core of the network is an expensive investment that usually remains in service far longer, and it is an investment that must be protected.
Rugged MicroTCA
By Jeff Marden, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
Rugged MicroTCA got its start when system designers outside the telecom field began showing interest in the architecture. Many of their non-telecom applications involved environments that were far more demanding than the telecom central office.
Packet Processor Guide
Packet Processors for IP Communications Networks Brochure
Increasing demand for network security, multi-gigabit packet processing and traffic management has fueled a strong appetite for intelligent packet processors
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Product Spotlight
WANic 5654

The WANic 5654 is an intelligent high-performance IP packet processor based on the Cavium OCTEON Plus 12-core 600MHz CN5650-NSP processor. Ideal for IP communications networks, the WANic 5654 can be configured to enable a wide variety of applications such as demanding wire-speed communications for secure IP access.

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Designing Multiple PCI Express Processor Nodes into xTCA Host Systems

Limited support for multiple processor nodes has presented a barrier to wider adoption of PCI Express®-based xTCA systems. This paper describes how adWANic 5654vances in configurable PrAMCs resolve the issue.

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