CPCI-7806 To Boot in CPCI Chassis


The CPCI-7806 is the only board in a CPCI chassis or it is a lightly loaded chassis. The board will not boot and the Hot Swap LED remains on.


Make sure that the CPCI-7806 is a revision D board. This can be verified by examining the yellow label on the board. The label will have a number 350-657806-xxxxxx D or later ( Revision E, F, G etc.) if it has been modified to correct an issue with the Hot Swap circuit.

If the board is Revision D or later, there is a problem with +12 Volts and -12 Volt on the Power Supplies in some chassis that cause the CPCI-7806 to not boot. The CPCI- 7806 is Hot Swappable. At Power Up and in certain chassis, it does not draw enough Current to allow the Chassis Power Supply to regulate. A Work-Around is to add a device to the chassis that does have more +12 Volt Current Draw to cause the Power Supply to regulate.