"Business Intelligence for the 21st Century (Part Two): Cybersecurity" IndustryWeek


By all indications, Business Intelligence (BI) is running an indelible course toward ever faster, ever smarter and ever more pervasive reporting capabilities. As it does and data begins to slip out of the hands of in-house IT, users' trust in their cybersecurity is being tested as never before.

Part one of this series discussed how current trends have led companies to move BI off premises and into the cloud for increased speed and agility. Complimenting that, the April 2012 issue of IW contains a story demonstrating the integral role mobility is playing in that process.

Tied to both of these movements, however, is a lurking anxiety and a certain persistent fear about what sending your BI data off-site and onto the device may mean in terms of cybersecurity for this new generation of tools. The source of this fear, however, is unclear and may not be as closely tied to actual security threats as many assume.