Bit 3 Enhances VME64 to VME64 Adaptor with VxWorks Support Software

Minneapolis, MN -- Bit 3, the leading manufacturer and supplier of bus-to-bus connection products, announced today that they have enhanced the functionality of their VME64 to VME64 Adaptor by incorporating VxWorks Support Software. The Model 2866 Adaptor provides transparent interconnectivity between two VMEbus systems with up to 120 MB/second memory-to-memory DMA transfers. Coupled with the VxWorks Support Software, the Adaptor can be easily integrated into computing environments running VxWorks, one of the leading operating system for real-time, commercial applications. Serving as a low latency bridge (1.4 us round-trip), the Model 2866 Adaptor expands computing environments by combining the power, memory and card capacity of two VMEbus systems. While interconnected by the bridge, each system can directly address the other's resources as though they were local, and execute random reads and writes to the remote VMEbus. "The Model 2866 Adaptor allows multiple concurrent operations and provides eight programmable interrupts to be exchanged between systems," states Jerry Medley, director of sales and marketing for Bit 3. "Eight semaphore bits are also available for synchronization and serialization between the two VMEbus systems." Additional features include Slave Mode DMA and System Controller Mode. In Slave Mode DMA, the bridge card appears as a slave memory card enabling a VMEbus DMA device, such as a disk controller, to transfer data through the Model 2866 directly to the memory in the other VMEbus at rates up to 40 MB/second. In System Controller Mode, the Model 2866 bridge card provides bus arbitration, thereby saving the expense of an additional VMEbus system controller. Enhanced for VxWorks Environments The VxWorks Support Software provides all of the tools required to access and control the Model 2866 Adaptor with VxWorks. It currently supports the Motorola 32-bit members of the MC68K processors. The Support Software includes a device driver, interface library and tools needed for driver installation. The device driverseparates the bridge into several logical devices. For easy access and to maintain independence, each logical device is given a separate name. "The Support Software was developed by Bit3 to ease integration with one of the industry's leading real-time operating systems. By combining the Model 2866 Adaptor with the VxWorks Support Software, users are spared the complicated, time-consuming task of writing their own software driver," explains Medley. "This enhancement to the Model 2866 Adaptor benefits a variety of real-time applications, including simulation, image processing, automation, digital signal processing and large data transfers." Pricing and Availability: Contact Bit 3 directly or your Bit 3 local distributor. Availability: Stock Bit3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. Founded in 1979, the company manufactures, designs and sells advanced bus connection and extension solutions for PCI, VME, SBus, EISA, ISA and GIO buses. For more information, contact Bit3: 8129 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55431. Phone: 612/881-6955. Fax: 612/881-9674. E-mail: Web Site: Bit 3 is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of computer products operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. SBS trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol of SBSE.