Beep Code Failure with 7657 , 7658 or 7765


7657 , 7658 , and 7765 receive a beep code failure on powering up.

The memory sticks on these boards can come unseated causing this error on boot. This has been recorded with boards that use stacked memory (i.e. 1GB and 2GB stacked memory).


Locate the memory on the bottom main board. The memory will be located back toward the P2 connecter on the bottom main board. You should see two adhesive-backed bumpers holding the memory in place. If not these bumpers you will need to return the board for a revision upgrade (contact
for an RMA). This only applies to boards that have stacked memory. You can try to press the memory down to see if this resolves the boot issue. This most likely will mean carefully separating the top board from the bottom and then pressing on the memory sticks to seat them properly. Normal ESD protection should be used if attempting>