AXISView Enables Rapid Development Of Multiprocessor Systems

Integrated, intuitive software environment for visualization Continuing to provide evidence of the company’s commitment to developing the advanced software tools necessary to enable faster, easier development and deployment of the powerful multiprocessor systems that will be at the heart of the defense applications of the future, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced AXISView.  A suite of integrated graphic tools designed to enable system visualization, AXISView is one of three key elements of the company’s AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software capability that was announced in May 2005.  The other two elements are the AXISFlow Interprocessor Communications Library and the AXISLib Optimized High Performance Digital Signal Processing Libraries. “The key to enabling the rapid development of sophisticated multiprocessor systems is to help the developer manage complexity,” said David Tetley, Software Engineering Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing.  “AXISView does that by delivering a broad set of capabilities that provide the developer with the ability to configure, download, run, debug and monitor a multiprocessor application from an integrated, intuitive GUI environment, enabling efficient, high performance, reliable solutions to be deployed more quickly.” AXISView comprises the following tools: HardwareView builds a graphical representation of the multiprocessor sub-system, and displays information about the system configuration. This gives the developer both static and dynamic information to ensure all aspects of the system are configured and connected correctly. ApplicationView provides a clear graphical representation of the application. It will auto-generate AXISFlow configuration code and develop a template for the initialization of the application. It allows the developer to build up a description of the system tasks, associated communication channels and apply a processor mapping. EventView is a true multiprocessor event analyzer. It allows event traces to be displayed in a multiprocessor-savvy graphical environment and ensures they are accurately time-aligned. It allows the developer to easily reference an event trace to a particular system task and processor. ProcessView provides dynamic information on the CPU and memory utilisation at the application task level. Also, it provides information on the system data flow. This allows effective load balancing. DebugView is a multiprocessor debug tool. Debug sessions for multiple processors can be attached through a integrated GUI. Features include coordinated and grouped breakpoints. The AXIS software architecture comprises two other integrated software elements. The AXISFlow Interprocessor Communications element provides seamlessly scalable, high throughput, low latency, reconfigurable interconnects that facilitate data transport between tasks, processors, boards and systems.  AXISLib Optimized High Performance Digital Signal Processing Libraries adhere to industry standards with comprehensive support for Signal and Vector Processing functionality with the most important algorithms tuned for the PowerPC AltiVec architecture. Availability of AXISView is immediate.